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Maintenance and installation of Soft seated gate valve


Maintenance and installation of Soft seated gate valve

Soft seated gate valve as one of the often use the valves on the pipeline, its advantage is not any doubt, but many users in the process of Soft seated gate valve in the use of the lack of related maintenance and maintenance knowledge

Soft seated gate valve as one of the often use the valves on the pipeline, its advantage is not any doubt, but many users in the process of Soft seated gate valve in the use of the lack of related maintenance and maintenance knowledge, lack of corresponding technical guidance when installation, lead to all sorts of small problems, aiming at such problems, hebei hua hui valve co., LTD., based on years of experience in production installation, for all kinds of situation comprehensively summarized, the user as long as able to grasp the main points, so in the process of using and maintenance of Soft seated gate valve can easily solve some of the common small problems.  


1. If the Soft seated gate valve is not in use for the time being, it should be blocked at both ends of the valve chamber and placed in a dry and ventilated room. When it is stored for a long time, anti-rust oil should be coated on the processing surface. 


2. Gate valves should be installed on the horizontal pipeline, that is, the center line of the stem is perpendicular to the horizontal pipeline, and the driving parts are above. The installation of gate valves should ensure easy operation, maintenance and operation.


3. Soft seated gate valve in use, the gate shall be fully open or fully closed, not used as throttle valve, in order to prevent the sealing surface damage when the pipeline flow rate is higher.


4. When opening or closing the valve, hand wheel or electrical switch should be used, and auxiliary levers or other tools should not be used.


5. When starting the valve, the sling is not allowed to be tied to the handwheel, motor or bevel gear.


6. The transmission part should be kept clean and lubricated regularly.


7. The following work should be carried out when installing Soft seated gate valve:


(1) Clean the inner cavity and sealing surface, and no dirt is allowed.


(2) Check whether the connecting bolts are tightened evenly, and check whether the filling and shaking are compressed. After packing is pressed, it should be guaranteed that packing is tightness and does not hinder stem rotation.


(3) The mark on the valve must be checked to see if it meets the operating requirements.


8. After installation of Soft seated gate valve, it should be checked regularly:


(1) the wear of the sealing surface.


(2) Thread damage of stem and stem nut.


(3) whether the packing is invalid.


(4) Worm gear, between the worm, gear wear.


(5) Whether the junction in the electrical control circuit is firm and reliable, and whether the electrical components work normally.


(6) Whether the parts of the travel control device work normally.


9. Common faults and solutions of Soft seated gate valve:


(1) Leakage at Soft seated gate valve connection


First check whether the bolts at the connection of the Soft seated gate valve are tightened. If not tightened, the inner gasket ring and the flange sealing groove surface are not fully combined, which often leads to leakage. The bolts and nuts should be checked in order, and all bolts should be tightened until the sealing ring is tightly pressed. Secondly, the size and precision of the sealing gasket ring and the flange sealing groove surface should be checked. If the sealing contact surface size is wrong or too rough, the sealing gasket ring should be repaired or updated. Furthermore, check whether there is some corrosion, sand hole, sand hole or impurities in the contact surface of gasket ring and flange sealing groove. If there are such defects, it should be repaired, repaired or cleaned accordingly.


(2) Valve bonnet leakage


Valve cover leakage, this fault phenomenon is mainly reflected in the leakage of packing seals. First of all, check whether the seal is selected correctly and matched with the sealing groove. If there is such a problem, replace the sealing ring or repair the sealing groove. Secondly, check whether the seal appears burr, fracturing, torsion and other phenomena, this case is to replace the seal. Again, check whether the sealing surface of the sealing groove is rough or has other defects. If there are defects, eliminate the defects or update the damaged parts.


There is a packing for sealing by compression in the valve cover or bracket. The installation of these packing should be checked. If the upper and lower packing is found to be reversed, it should be removed and re-installed in the correct way, especially paying attention to the combination of the packing seal surface. Furthermore, check whether the accuracy of the contact surface of the seal meets the specified requirements.


(3) the valve body cavity decent leakage


The valve body in the casting process, sometimes there will be sand holes, sand holes and other casting defects, in the machining process is difficult to be found, once the pressure is applied, the hidden casting defects will be exposed. In this case, it is necessary to repair welding, repair or update.


The above is today's introduction of soft-seat gate valve related content, I hope to help you.